Teeth Giving You Grief? A Root Canal May Help!

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Is one of your teeth giving you grief? Have you been living with this discomfort for some time now? Does it seem more difficult to get through your daily routine because of the level of discomfort you feel? If so, you could possibly have an infection in your tooth that may need to be treated with a root canal.

What is a root canal?
A root canal is a procedure that can be done when the pulp, a small thin tissue in your tooth, becomes damaged or diseased. To access the pulp, our dentist will need to make a small opening in the crown or the back of the tooth. The damaged tissue can then be removed, and the chamber can be cleaned, enlarged and shaped in preparation to being filled permanently. Usually, the chamber and root canal will be filled with a rubbery material called a gutta-percha that will be cemented into place. A crown can then be used to complete the procedure and restore the tooth’s natural shape and function.

How long can the restored tooth last?
If properly cared for, the restored tooth, or teeth, could last a lifetime. Good dental hygiene is still needed because dental decay can still occur on the outside surfaces of the tooth. Regular exams and checkups can help check for signs of developing issues.

You should also remember that your tooth will no longer have pulp to keep it alive. This can make your tooth more brittle and prone to fracturing. It is important to consider when you are deciding whether or not to completely fill the tooth or to finish the restoration with a crown.

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