How Sleep Impacts Your Dental Health

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Sleep is a powerful healing method. Getting the right amount of sleep can actually improve your brain power, balance your hormones, and help you prevent chronic diseases. In fact, it can even improve your oral health.

Proper sleep can help tackle two of oral health’s worst enemies: gum disease and dry mouth.

A four-year study at Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry followed 219 factory workers to evaluate the relationship between gum disease and various lifestyle factors. After gum disease, sleep was the second most related factor influencing gum disease. Those who got seven to eight hours of sleep every night had less periodontal problems than those who got six or fewer hours every night.

Breathing through your nose every night can reduce your risk of dry mouth. Dry mouth occurs when your salivary glands produce less saliva than is needed to maintain the health of your mouth. Saliva is an expert at washing away bad bacteria and breaking down leftover food particles. Breath through your nose to protect the health of your mouth.

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