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When it comes time to repair any damage that may have occurred to your smile, think about all your tooth restoration treatment options. Are you more interested in correcting the look of your teeth or are you focused on functionality and reliability? Fortunately, with modern dentistry, several restorations exist that provide both a better look and more function to your smile. Frequently asked questions concerning tooth restoration treatment options include the following:

Question: What are some of the common procedures for repairing smiles?
Answer: To help repair your smile, consider the use of restorations that can fill in cavities, such as dental fillings, treatments that remove stains or discolorations, such as teeth whitening treatments, or treatments that provide additional layers of protection, such as dental crowns and veneers.

Question: What are some of the benefits of fixing damage to your teeth and gums?
Answer: By repairing your smile, you can lower your risk of further damage or infections. If left untreated, dental damage could potentially lead to tooth loss.

Question: How can tooth restorations help prevent further damage?
Tooth restorations such as dental crowns and veneers can add an additional layer of protection to help resist damage that would otherwise occur to your smile. Dental fillings can lower your risk of tooth failure by filling in cavities.

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