Could That Be a Cavity?

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Cavities can be a fairly regular health problem. Perhaps the only health issue that may be more rampant is the common cold. With it being so prevalent, you might be wondering if you can recognize the warning signs of a cavity.

First, we should briefly cover how they can form. Your mouth is naturally full of bacteria, good and bad. But when you eat starchy or sugary foods, the bacteria feasts on it and may produce an acid, which can erode your enamel if it isn’t cleaned away. If the enamel becomes eroded, that hole is referred to as dental decay, or a cavity. In its very first stages, it may be possible to reverse the damaging effects of the erosion by using a toothpaste with fluoride, which can help to restore the enamel.

You might not notice any “signs” of a cavity forming in its earliest stages. That could be because your enamel doesn’t have nerve endings, so until the decay has reached the more sensitive dentin layer, you might not feel anything. You might begin to notice some discomfort when you eat foods that are sweet, cold or hot. You could also experience it when you bite down. If it is a large cavity, you might be able to see it. Sometimes they can create visible holes or black, white or brown stains on a tooth’s surface.

Sweet foods may be more likely to cause discomfort because they can be sticky and might cling to the tooth longer. The acids made from the bacteria might be able to get into the cavity and aggravate the nerves, causing an unpleasant sensation.

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