Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist for Your Mouth Makeover

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You’ve put off fixing your teeth for far too long. It’s time for a mouth makeover! Oh, there isn’t anything seriously wrong. Your teeth have yellowed a bit with age, so maybe whitening is in order. There’s that little chip on the front tooth that you’ve been meaning to have smoothed out. Then, there is the matter of that odd bottom tooth that looks a little misshapen. Nobody really sees it, but its bothered you all these years. Now is the time to fix everything! What’s next? Well, you’ll want to find a really good cosmetic dentist.

Make sure you find the dentist that has “been there, done that” and not a novice fresh off the boat. Find out if they have any specialties, or extra certifications, what continuing education do they take advantage of, etc. They may have a “smile gallery” showcasing the work they’ve done for similar patients that needed a little tooth repair like you do. Take a look at that for insight. If you want to learn more, ask for an interview. Any dentist worth their salt would be pleased to have you come in for a free evaluation and sit down.

Next, be sure that the cosmetic dentist you are looking into can perform all the procedures you might want. Not every dentist is trained or offers every option available. Your particular interest may only be offered by an orthodontist, etc.

Finally, read reviews about your dentist from previous patients. There are all sorts of review sites, and the dentist themselves should have lots of information on their own website. Take advantage of modern technology!

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